Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Whirlwind Thanksgiving

How do four day weekends pass so quickly?!  I can't believe it's Sunday night already!  Our weekend was busy, but wonderful.

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.  We went to Bradley's parents' house for lunch and then hosted my family at our house for dinner.  Yum!  I have so much to be thankful for!  An amazing husband, a wonderful family, great friends....and, of course, this precious little girl we'll meet in April!  The Lord has truly blessed us, and we will continue to thank Him for His blessings not just on Thanksgiving, but always.

On Friday, Bradley and I went shopping.  Usually I get up to go shopping really early on Black Friday, but not this year.  We left home around 8am and still managed to get some pretty good deals.  I continued my Christmas shopping with my mom on Saturday.  I have such a wonderful mom, and it was a blessing to be able to spend the day with her.

Bradley and I decided to begin working on our baby registry this weekend.  I hadn't planned to do it quite yet, but, with Christmas approaching, several people mentioned buying things for the baby and asked if we had registered.  So, with lists in hand, we braved Babies R Us today.  I knew that babies needed lots of things, but I never imagined how many things we would need.  We were there for hours.  Hours!  At the beginning we were both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (love that expression!), excited to pick things out for our daughter.  By the end, though, we were exhausted and overwhelmed.  There were so many decisions to make, such as: Should we register for neutral things or go all pink?  Which stroller is the best?  Should we go with a travel system or individual pieces that fit together?  Which brand of bottles should we use?  It was exhausting!  Fun, but exhausting!  In the end, we registered for lots of pink things, but tried to keep the major things (play yard, bouncer, swing) in neutral colors just in case we do have another baby and it happens to be a boy.  Given our struggle with infertility and everything it took for us to become pregnant with this baby, I'm not sure that's going to happen.  But you never know, and I wanted to make sure I could use these things again in a few years if needed.  After a lot of research, we chose a travel system by Chicco in a beige/pink color combination.  No, it's not neutral and, yes, I cringed at the price, but I absolutely fell in love with it.  If we ever have another baby, we'll have to get another stroller.  For now, though, pink it is.  :)  Bottles were the hardest for me.  There are so many choices, and I'm just not sure what to do quite yet.  We didn't register for any, and I plan to think about it more and then make a decision.  I was so tired by the time we left the store.  I feel like we've accomplished at least something in preparing for her arrival.  Now we need to get started on the nursery. 

We planned to begin decorating for Christmas this evening, but, after our looooong adventure at Babies R Us, it just didn't happen.  Hopefully we'll get to that sometime early this week.


  1. We used Soothie with Alana and NUK with Zayne. I loved Soothie when I used them but now that I've used NUK I REALLY wish I would have used them with Alana. With Jordan we used Dr. Brown and HATED them.

  2. I second the NUK. Jeana uses Dr.Browns and so do a lot of Mommies at church and daycare. Either those oir the Tommy Tippee. Good luck, girl!!