Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little One Letters-About Love

Dear Aniston,
  Precious girl, with every day that passes we are one closer to meeting you.  Your daddy and I are so excited.  Most days this still seems unbelievable.  You are a dream come true, a miracle we thought may never be possible.  Already you are the most important thing in our lives.  Our decisions are centered around you, even though you're not even here yet.  I'm amazed at how much we love you already.  We don't know what you look like.  We don't know your personality or temperament.  But you are ours, and the love that comes with that is just overwhelming at times.
  You see, sometimes love can be scary.  It can be absolutely terrifying to give your heart to another person.  It takes a lot of trust, and a lot of faith.  Right now, you are safely inside of me.  While I realize I'm not in control of what happens to you even now, I'm more in control now than what I will be when you're born.  Right now, I'm responsible for you.  Every day I make sure to eat the right things, drink enough water, and take a prenatal vitamin.  I don't do anything that may even possibly put you at risk.  I am careful with you because I know what a miracle you are.
  Some days you are more active than others.  On those lazy days of yours, I worry constantly.  I just want you to be safe and healthy....I think that's all any parent wants for their child.  The other day I mentioned this to your daddy.  I told him about how I worried about you now, when you're still safely inside of me.  I asked him how in the world we were going to deal with the worry when you finally arrive.  What will we do when you go to school, to sleepovers, on a first date?  He calmly responded that you just aren't going to do those things.  We both laughed because we know that's not going to be the case.  We know we can't keep you in a bubble, and we wouldn't really want to.  Life is about experiences.  Yes, sometimes those experiences will hurt and you'll wonder why things happened the way they did.  But all of those experiences are woven together in the most amazing tapestry.  Sometimes it takes pain and hurt to see the beauty of it all more clearly.
  Little one, my prayer for you today is that your heart will always be filled with love.  When you are little, I pray that you will know love every single day of your life.  I pray that you will know how much your daddy and I love you, as well as so many other people.  As you grow up, I pray that you'll know the love of good friends and what a blessing friendship is.  And when you are older (much, much older), I pray that you will find the kind of love your daddy and I have.  You see, that's what it's all about, Aniston--Life is about love.  It's about loving God and loving others.  Love makes all the difference.

Love Always,

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  1. Adrian,

    Cue the tears! Simply beautiful and you capture every emotion that I am feeling so eloquently. One day, Aniston Louise will read this beautiful letter and know just how much she is loved. I agree, she is a true "miracle" and I continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Wishing you nothing but sunshine....

    And a Very Merry Christmas