Tuesday, January 4, 2011

99 Days

There are only 99 days until our little girl's due date!  While I know that the due date is not necessarily the day she'll arrive, it's amazing to think that we are so close to meeting her.  At times this stills seems so unbelievable.  There's so much to do within the next 99 days.  It's a bit overwhelming!  Exciting, but overwhelming!  We are so very blessed!

To mark this making-it-into-the-double-digits milestone, Bradley and I are beginning a project today.  For the next 99 days (or until her actual arrival), we're going to take turns writing letters to Aniston.  The letters will be kept in a journal, but I'm planning to publish some of them on the blog.  I think I'm more excited about this than Bradley is, but it will be a wonderful thing to give her one day. 

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