Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

It started snowing here early Monday morning.  When we woke up, everything was white and the snow continued to fall for most of the day yesterday.  I'm not exactly thrilled about this.  You see, snow and I have a love/hate relationship.

On one hand, I love it.  I love how quiet it is outside when it snows.  I love how it makes everything look clean and pretty.  I love how time seems to slow down when it snows.

On the other hand, I'm really not a fan of snow that stays around.  Snow causes problems for me, namely in the form of make-up days at school.  Yesterday and today used up our remaining two teacher workdays that were designated as snow make-up days.  The snow doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and if we miss school again tomorrow, we'll be going on Saturdays.  Not fun.  Not only that, but everything is going to be a nasty mess when it does finally begin to melt.  Ick.  Plus, I'm confined to my house.  Bradley informed me yesterday that I wasn't graceful before pregnancy, I'm definitely not graceful now, and that I will not be putting his daughter at risk by venturing out of the house.  Which is fine by me, except it's kind of boring here, especially since he's gone to work both days.  I like being on the go.  Some days I like to stay home and do nothing, but I don't like feeling like I have to stay home.  I'm itching to go somewhere or do something, but that's just not going to happen today.  Or tomorrow.  Sigh.

Yesterday I managed to do nothing all day.  I caught up on the DVR, I napped, I spent too much time on facebook and blogs.  It was a really enjoyable day, but I felt like I wasted the day, too.  Today I'm hoping to get the bedroom we use as a study organized so that everything from the guest bedroom (which will be the nursery) can be moved into it.  It makes me feel tired just thinking about it.  Maybe I'll do some internet shopping and take a nap instead. That's the key to a productive day, right?  Ha!

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