Friday, February 25, 2011

Appointment Update

I had my regular every-other-week OB appointment this afternoon.  Aniston's heart rate was in the 140s and she measured right on track.  That's the good news.

Here's the bad news: My hands have been swelling for awhile now, and I haven't worn my rings in weeks.  My ankles and feet don't really look like feet anymore.  Think elephant--and I'm not joking.  The swelling has reached a ridiculous point this week.  My blood pressure today was much higher than it had been at previous appointments and I've gained more weight than usual in the past two weeks.  Given all these things, Dr. H is pretty concerned.  As he was talking to me about his concerns, I was really afraid he was going to put me on bed rest.  He didn't go that far, but did give me strict instructions to go to work and then go straight home to put my feet up--not much else.  Basically, I'm supposed to let everything else go.  If Bradley doesn't do it, then it's not going to get done.  Of course, he also told me to drink a lot of water and watch my salt intake.  I should have one more every-other-week appointment before reaching the weekly appointment mark, but Dr. H went ahead and moved me to weekly appointments starting next Thursday. 

This is already hard for me.  Not the salt and water thing, but the doing nothing.  I'm not much of a stay-at-home kind of girl.  I like to go and do.  Not only that, but this is coming at a time when I desperately need to work on the nursery.  I'm less than two hours into it, and it's already hard.

But I'm going to listen to what Dr. H said, of course.  I'll do anything to get Aniston here safely.  Hopefully we'll see some improvement at next week's appointment.


  1. Now is the perfect time to learn how to crochet or knit! There are so many free tutorials online. I taught myself how to knit just by watching youtube and reading websites. That would at least give your hands something to do, and I find it takes my mind off things. Good luck!

  2. SLEEEEEEP! lol I totally understand your swelling issues. I wore (and now wear again, thankfully!) a size 8 shoe, and by the time Jacob got here I was wearing an 11! I still can't get over how wierd my feet look now that they are normal size! I'm excited for ya' girl! Can't wait to see that sweet babie's pictures!