Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This week has been an absolute whirlwind!  As I sit and write tonight, I'm absolutely exhausted but so happy and content!  Along with work and our regular day-to-day stuff, we've had a lot going on. 

Monday was our first of four childbirth classes.  Wow!  What an eye-opening experience!  I had been so consumed with worrying about something happening during the pregnancy that I hadn't even really thought about actually having the baby.  After that class, I'm definitely thinking about it now!  Haha! The instructor (a labor and delivery nurse with 30 years experience) also went over typical third trimester complaints and problems.  Bradley has been much nicer since then!  I think he finally realized that I wasn't just being whiny and making things up! 

Bradley has continued working on refinishing the nursery furniture this week.  It's definitely been a job, but the end is in sight!  Right now the nursery is piled full of gifts waiting to be organized.  I'm hoping to get everything together in the next couple of weeks.  We're down to less than eight weeks from her due date (!), and I want everything finished just in case she's early.  Also, I want to hurry and get the nursery finished while I still actually feel like doing something.  Which leads me to....

I think I've reached the "uncomfortable" stage of pregnancy.  Everything is so much harder and takes so much more effort now.  Tying my shoes leaves me breathless, as does bending over to shave my legs.  My toes haven't been painted in weeks.  Aniston's favorite spot lately is right under my ribs, and that makes it so difficult to breathe.  I'm tired all the time and my back hurts constantly.  My hands and feet are constantly swollen and look gross.  The sleep I enjoyed for the last part of the second trimester is long gone.  I constantly tell Bradley that I'm not complaining, I'm just telling him how it is.  I know how lucky I am to finally be able to experience this miracle.  I wouldn't trade a minute of it for all the sleep and deep breaths in the world. One day I'll be able to sleep again.  And be able to tie my shoes without nearly dying.  And have nicely shaved legs and painted toes.  And a little girl to show for all my trouble.  That definitely makes it all worthwhile.  :)

On Thursday, my grade level at work hosted a baby shower for me!  When you work in a place with mostly women, showers are a constant.  I can't tell you the number I've sat through over the last three years wondering if I would ever be lucky enough to have a baby shower of my own.  It was wonderful.  I'm blessed to work in a school with such caring people! 

Today Kesha and I went shopping and out to lunch.  It was a beautiful day!  After such a busy week, it was fun to catch up with her.  I am so incredibly thankful for her friendship! 

Tomorrow we have another baby shower!  I can't wait! 

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