Thursday, March 10, 2011

35 Weeks and a Day of Rest

Today was my weekly ob appointment.  Everything went well.  Aniston's heart rate is still in the 140s.  Dr. L checked my cervix (uh, ouch! didn't realize how much that would hurt!) and announced that I'm not dilated at all, which is fine for 35 weeks.  Aniston is definitely head-down, and Dr. L said everything is "perfect"!  My blood pressure was a little lower than it had been the past two weeks, so she was pleased with that, too.  The swelling is still an issue, and I've developed carpal tunnel because of the fluid.  My arms and hands are constantly tingling (the right is worse than the left, which is aggravating because I'm right-handed) and my right ring finger has gone completely numb, but all that should resolve itself after delivery.

Since 10:30 was the only appointment they had available today, I had to take the entire day off of work.  I couldn't take a half-day because there was no way I could make it back by 11:30.  After my appointment I met Bradley for lunch.  I had planned to do a tiny bit of shopping since I wouldn't be on my feet much today, but was tired and decided just to come home.  Then I decided that I would work in the nursery for a bit, but all the stuff is just overwhelming and I didn't do that either.  So, basically, I've spent my whole day off playing with blog backgrounds and headers, on facebook, and following rabbit trails from blog to blog while Ethel naps on my feet and Lucy keeps watch from the back of the recliner.  It's been a nice, relaxing day. :)

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