Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thirty-One Days

In July, Bradley and I promised to try one more month of fertility treatment.  Thirty-one days.  Thirty-one days of medications, injections, monitoring appointments, and blood work.  Thirty-one days of constant praying (and often begging) for a miracle.  Thirty-one days of knowing the odds were not in our favor.  Thirty-one days of hoping for the best and bracing ourselves for the worst. 

Today, we are one month away from Aniston's due date.  Thirty-one days.  Thirty-one days of preparing our home for our daughter.  Thirty-one days of laughter, excitement, and wonder.  Thirty-one days of just the two of us.  Thirty-one days of praise and thankfulness.  Thirty-one days of prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy Aniston. 

After three years of trying to conceive, two years of fertility treatments, and thirty-five weeks and four days of pregnancy, we are thirty-one days away from meeting our miracle. 

What a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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