Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aniston's Birth Story, Part One

Walking into the doctor's office on Friday morning, I was expecting to hear one of two things: 1) the tests showed that I did not have preeclampsia and could return to work the following Monday, or 2) the tests showed that I did, in fact, have preeclampsia and would be put on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hear that we would be having a baby that evening.

Bradley left for work that morning not planning to even go to my appointment.  He had a meeting at work, and I assured him that it was perfectly fine if he didn't go with me.  After all, I thought I knew what the doctor was going to say.  I had a normal morning here with the schnauzers and took my time getting ready, never once thinking that it could possibly be the last time I was in my home without a baby.  Right before I pulled out of the driveway, Bradley sent me a text telling me to meet him.  He had decided to go to my appointment with me and then go back to work.  On my way to meet him, I stopped by Bojangles to pick up breakfast (food for Bradley, only a drink for me because I always get so nervous before appointments).  Now, we are regular Bojangles customers, especially for breakfast on the weekends.  Because of that, and because the same cashier works the morning shift nearly every morning, when I pulled to the window he recognized me.  He asked about the baby, saying, "Isn't it about time for you to have that baby?"  I smiled and replied that, no, we still had three weeks left.  (Ha! Irony at its finest!)

I met Bradley and left my car in the parking lot.  We went through the regular appointment routine--blood pressure, weight check, etc.  The nurse found that my blood pressure was high, and insisted that I lie down while we waited for the doctor.  Dr. F came in, checked my measurement and Aniston's heart rate, then leaned against the counter with his arms crossed.  The results from the kidney function and blood tests confirmed that I did have preeclampsia.  He explained that, while he would classify me as mildly preeclamptic at the moment, it could take a severe turn at any time.  I'll never forget the moment when he said, "The only cure for preeclampsia is to have a baby."  Everything stopped.  He went on to say that he would be doing some fetal monitoring that morning to check Aniston's size and ability to thrive as an outside baby.  Before doing the monitoring, Dr. F checked my cervix (2 cm dilated) and stripped my membranes.  I nearly died.  (That may be an exaggeration, but only a slight one.)  After I recovered, we were sent to the ultrasound room for a biophysical profile, and Aniston was checked for eight markers.  She scored 8/8 and was declared not to be in distress.  Dr. F met with Dr. A (the on-call that day) in the hallway and discussed what to do given all the information they now had. 

Dr. F entered the room again and announced that we would be having a baby and Dr. A stuck his head in the door and told us he would see us soon.  We waited as Dr. F filled out paperwork and called the hospital, both of us in a state of excited shock.

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