Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Schnauzers

During my pregnancy with Aniston, I often wondered how the schnauzers would react when we brought her home.  It had been just the four of us for a long time, and they (Lucy especially) were our babies.  They were used to getting all the attention.  I didn't really worry about it, I just wondered.

After Aniston was born, we sent a hat that she had worn home for them to sniff.  I had read that if a dog got used to the new baby's smell before the baby actually came home then the transition would be easier.  I'm not sure if it helped (how can you really tell anyway?), but we did it and will do it again when/if we have another baby.  Honestly, they didn't pay much attention when we walked in with Aniston.  I think they were just glad to have us home.  After loving on them for a bit, we introduced them to Aniston. 

Lucy was (of course) a bit skeptical at first.  (It reminded me of the way she acted when we brought Ethel home.  Ha!)  For the first week Lucy wouldn't have anything to do with me.  No matter how much I tried, she wouldn't let me pet her or even be near her.  She's always been a lap dog, but for that first week she would sit on the love seat all by herself rather than sit with me.  I'm not sure if that was because of Aniston or if she was just mad that I left on that Friday morning telling her I would only be gone a couple of hours for an appointment and then didn't come home until Monday afternoon.  (Yes, I tell them where I'm going and how long I'll be gone.  Yes, I know that's ridiculous.)  After awhile, though, she warmed up and was back to her usual self.  From the very beginning, Ethel was just....Ethel.  She's always in her own little world and nothing really phases her.  As long as she gets her fair share of petting, she's good to go.

We've had a couple incidents here and there, as was expected.  One day when Aniston was crying and Bradley was holding her, Lucy went up and bumped Aniston on the top of the head with her nose as if to say, "Stop it."  Another time Ethel made a soaring leap from our bed into Aniston's pack and play while Aniston was in the pack and play.  Neither the schnauzer nor the baby were harmed in that ordeal (Aniston actually slept through it). 

Overall, though, it's all gone really well.  What was most surprising to me was that their barking didn't bother Aniston in the least, even on her first day at home.  I guess she'd heard it for nine months and it was just normal for her!  Their barks never once startled her, but when Bradley or I would raise our voice to tell them to be quiet that would cause her to startle.  I'm beginning to think Aniston will be the one who does most of the startling.  She's learned that she can squeal this week, and it is so high-pitched!  For Lucy (who practically falls down every time someone spins the wheel on The Price Is Right), squealing is pretty scary.

Aniston is beginning to pay more attention to them, and they're beginning to get more comfortable being near her.  Lucy and Ethel are careful not to actually touch Aniston very often, but they'll get close.  Aniston has started smiling when she sees them.  They're protective of her and keep a close eye on her especially when we have company.  They're not big fans of her crying--they run to their crate when she starts--but, luckily, that doesn't happen too often and, when it does it doesn't last long. 

I'm really happy with the way things are going.  It looks like the start of a beautiful friendship between the two schnauzers and the baby....at least until the baby learns to pull ears and tails.  ;)

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