Friday, December 9, 2011

A New Start for the Blog

At the end of the summer, our laptop died.  I wasn't blogging regularly before then (I'm using the new baby excuse for that), but I have blogged even less since.  We had a desktop computer, but it just wasn't as convenient to use as the laptop.  (Even as I type that I realize how ridiculous it sounds.  It's true though.) 

This week our desktop went the way of the laptop.  It was older (Bradley bought it around the time we started dating), so it wasn't unexpected.  We had talked about getting a new laptop for a long time, and this gave us the excuse to go ahead and spend the money without feeling guilty.  Bradley shopped around and found a fantastic deal on fantastic of a deal that he bought two.  For the first time since college, I have a computer of my very own!  I'm not sure why that's so exciting, but it is. 

I think this means a new start for the blog.  As with everything else, I have to have a plan.  I want to assign topics to a few days of the week so that it's easier to know what to write.  (I have such a hard time deciding what to blog about.  Once I finally decide, I start writing but then run out of time and never come back to it.)

Sunday (two posts): Sunday Morning (morning post) and Weekend Recap (evening post)
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
Friday: Weekly Randoms

Hopefully this will mean that I'll post at least three times a week.  We'll see how it goes!  Free time is scarce these days, but blogging is something I really like to do.  I hope I'll find time to do it more often.

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