Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today was my weekly ob appointment.  Miss Aniston is doing just fine.  Her heart rate was in the normal range and she measured perfectly for thirty-seven weeks.  Meanwhile, my blood pressure was high again and this time there was protein in my urine.  (I asked Bradley if I should include that little piece of information in this post.  He replied that since I haven't held anything back on here yet, why start now?  Ha!)  Dr. F is afraid I may have developed preeclampsia.  He's putting me out of work for the rest of the week with strict instructions to lay on my side most of the time and rest, rest, rest.  I go back tomorrow for blood work and then I have a follow-up appointment with Dr. F on Friday morning.  We'll discuss the lab results and what to do then.  Hopefully the results will be okay and I'll be able to return to work next week. 

I hate that this is happening, but I'm so thankful that we're at thirty-seven weeks.  Please keep us in your prayers!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nesting? Not Quite

I have reached the point where I want everything finished.  Like, it should have been finished yesterday.  I feel like there are 679 things we need to do before Aniston arrives.  Such as: pack a bag for the hospital; figure out what we're doing with the two schnauzers while we're at the hospital; find a coming home outfit for Aniston; finish the nursery; clean our house from top to bottom.

What is really, really bothering me is that no one can tell me how long I have to accomplish all these things.  I tend to procrastinate.  How can I procrastinate if I'm not sure when the deadline is?! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

36 Weeks

As of yesterday, I am 36 weeks pregnant.  Only four more weeks to go!  I'm amazed by how far along we are.  So much of this still doesn't seem real, and I'm just so grateful that we've been able to have this experience.  I have such mixed emotions right now.  One minute I'm absolutely crazy with excitement over meeting Aniston and the next minute I'm in tears because I am so terrified of something happening to her.  I know it's a (somewhat) irrational fear, but we're this close to finally having a baby.  I just don't want anything to happen.

We have been working hard to get our house ready for her.  I can't believe how much stuff she already has!  We have boxes everywhere!  An entire kitchen cabinet has been taken over by her bottles and things, as well as the hall bath.  I've finally been able to begin taking things out of boxes and removing tags from towels, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and clothes.  It took me such a long time to feel like I wasn't going to jinx the pregnancy by actually preparing for the baby.  Her room is coming along slowly but surely.  The changing table is ready and we've made up her crib.  The bedding set is so pretty!  (I'll post pictures as soon as everything is finished.....hopefully very, very soon seeing as we only have four weeks left!)  We have a pack and play in our bedroom.  After three years, we finally have a pack and play in our bedroom!! 

Yesterday was my weekly ob appointment.  Everything is still going well.  Aniston's heart rate was 150 and the measurement was perfect.  My blood pressure was lower this time than it had been in the past three weeks.  Although I still have a ridiculous amount of swelling, Dr. H wasn't too terribly concerned since my blood pressure was better.  Another of my fingers have gone numb (my right middle finger) and Dr. H suggested wearing a brace at night to help the carpal tunnel.  Hopefully it will help.  Other than that and the swelling, I can't complain too much.  :)

Last night as we were watching American Idol, it came to me--We'll have a baby before we know who the next American Idol is.  How fantastic is that?!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thirty-One Days

In July, Bradley and I promised to try one more month of fertility treatment.  Thirty-one days.  Thirty-one days of medications, injections, monitoring appointments, and blood work.  Thirty-one days of constant praying (and often begging) for a miracle.  Thirty-one days of knowing the odds were not in our favor.  Thirty-one days of hoping for the best and bracing ourselves for the worst. 

Today, we are one month away from Aniston's due date.  Thirty-one days.  Thirty-one days of preparing our home for our daughter.  Thirty-one days of laughter, excitement, and wonder.  Thirty-one days of just the two of us.  Thirty-one days of praise and thankfulness.  Thirty-one days of prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy Aniston. 

After three years of trying to conceive, two years of fertility treatments, and thirty-five weeks and four days of pregnancy, we are thirty-one days away from meeting our miracle. 

What a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

35 Weeks and a Day of Rest

Today was my weekly ob appointment.  Everything went well.  Aniston's heart rate is still in the 140s.  Dr. L checked my cervix (uh, ouch! didn't realize how much that would hurt!) and announced that I'm not dilated at all, which is fine for 35 weeks.  Aniston is definitely head-down, and Dr. L said everything is "perfect"!  My blood pressure was a little lower than it had been the past two weeks, so she was pleased with that, too.  The swelling is still an issue, and I've developed carpal tunnel because of the fluid.  My arms and hands are constantly tingling (the right is worse than the left, which is aggravating because I'm right-handed) and my right ring finger has gone completely numb, but all that should resolve itself after delivery.

Since 10:30 was the only appointment they had available today, I had to take the entire day off of work.  I couldn't take a half-day because there was no way I could make it back by 11:30.  After my appointment I met Bradley for lunch.  I had planned to do a tiny bit of shopping since I wouldn't be on my feet much today, but was tired and decided just to come home.  Then I decided that I would work in the nursery for a bit, but all the stuff is just overwhelming and I didn't do that either.  So, basically, I've spent my whole day off playing with blog backgrounds and headers, on facebook, and following rabbit trails from blog to blog while Ethel naps on my feet and Lucy keeps watch from the back of the recliner.  It's been a nice, relaxing day. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Ethel Story

After dinner tonight, Bradley and I were watching tv in the living room when we realized that Ethel was missing.  Bradley called her name, then muted the sound so he could hear where she was.  We heard a rustling in  the kitchen.  Bradley had taken the trash can out of the cabinet so he could dump the remains of dinner into it (chicken dumplings, if you're wondering), but failed to put it back in the cabinet.  Ethel saw this as the perfect opportunity to supplement her dry dog food diet.  She was somehow in the trash bag, and the majority of her body was covered in dumplings. That by itself was just hilarious to me.

Then it got even better.

Bradley was mad.  Furious.  He was mid-rant, fussing at poor little Ethel, when Ethel looked up at him innocently....and burped.  Burped!  

Oh, I lost it.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.  As Bradley carried her (at arms length) to the tub for a much-needed bath, tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Are we seriously adding a baby to this circus?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Appointment Update (Among Other Things)

My now-weekly OB appointment was on Thursday morning.  I saw Dr. A, another doctor in the practice.  At this point I've seen all the doctors at least once, and I like all of them.  Of course, I have my favorites (who doesn't?), but I feel comfortable with all of them and would be fine with any of them delivering Aniston.  Anyway, the nurse took my blood pressure twice, using two different cuffs, and then Dr. A took it again later in the appointment.  Every time it was different.  Dr. A said that it was still high, but not any higher than it was the week before.  That's a good sign!  I'm still supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible, but I'm also still able to work without restrictions.  The whole go to work, go home, and don't do much else routine is getting a bit old, but it's tolerable.  At least I have an excuse not to go to the grocery store or do any cleaning or cooking. :)

Speaking of that....I really do have a wonderful husband.  Bradley has been fantastic.  He has cooked (or picked up take-out....ha!) every meal since last Friday.  He's always been helpful with cleaning (I've never mopped or cleaned the shower, and everything else we split), but now he's doing everything.  He hasn't complained at all.  (If the roles were reversed, I'm pretty sure I'd be complaining.  Or at least making sure he was taking note of every little thing I was doing.) 

I can't believe we have six weeks left before our little girl arrives!  It's just....unbelievable.  I try to tell myself that she could be early, that we may really have less than six weeks, but that just seems even more unbelievable.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Worry, Worry, Worry

That's all I seem to be able to do these days.

Over the last several weeks, the constant worry that plagued me early in pregnancy seemed to lessen.  I wasn't consumed by it like I had been.  Now, though, the worry is back--with a vengance. 

I have six more weeks to go, and I'm ready for her just to be here.  I'm so afraid of something happening this close to actually having a baby.  I'm worried about my blood pressure.  I'm worried about a cord accident.  I'm worried about odd aches and pains I'm having.  I'm worried about being so stressed.  I'm worried about something going wrong during delivery.

I'm worrying too much and I know it, but I can't make it stop.  I'm so afraid of so many things.  I'm trying to remember that most of this is out of my control, and that God's plan for us and Aniston is perfect, but I'm definitely struggling right now. 

Please keep me and our precious Aniston in your prayers!  Please pray that all my worrying is for nothing and that everything will continue to go well!