Saturday, November 5, 2011


Aniston is taking a late nap after a fun day, Bradley just left for a gig (he plays in a band), and I (gasp!) actually have a minute to blog.  I am so excited!  For so long, this blog was a kind of therapy for me.  After that it served as a way for me to mark milestones during my pregnancy and, now, it serves as a way of me documenting Aniston's life....only I haven't been very good at keeping up with it.  Simple as it may be, I love this little blog and am so glad to be able to spend a little time with it today!  So much time has passed since I last blogged--I'm not sure where to start!  Maybe I'll just do a quick recap of last month.  October was a lot of fun around our house!

I love our family time on Saturdays.  It seems like there's always somewhere to go or something to do, but we've managed to save Saturday mornings for the three of us.  Bradley cooks breakfast, we play with Aniston, and just have a slow start to the day.  That time spent together is so precious! 

Aniston during our Saturday morning playtime

One Saturday in October we took Aniston to the pumpkin patch.  Sweet girl was more interested in pulling flowers off the mums and picking up straw than she was in looking at the pumpkins!  We didn't get many good pictures, but it was a sweet day full of memories.

We visited Bradley's sister, Jessica, her husband, Adam, and their baby, Colton.  Aniston is ten weeks older than Colton, but Colton is bigger!  We went to Stone Mountain State Park together and took pictures of the babies.

We went to a costume party the Saturday before Halloween.  Aniston wasn't big enough to participate in any of the games or activities, but she loved watching all the kids!

On Halloween we took our little cat trick-or-treating.

Aniston and her cousin Abigail

We can't wait to see what November holds for us!