Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Weekend's Recap

On Thursday afternoon, Bradley and I took Aniston for her nine month well check.  (No, I don't really consider Thursday afternoon "weekend", and, no, I didn't have the day off on Friday.  But I'm going to include it here just because 1) I don't want to write another post, and 2) there's not really that much to tell about it.  Now that I've cleared that up, we can go on.)  I absolutely love our pediatrician.  He is such a kind man, and he is so good with Aniston.  He's also quick to offer reassurance and answer all questions, even the crazy ones--two important qualities for this first time mama.  :)  He said Aniston was perfect.  She weighed 19lb 12oz and was 27.5 inches tall--60th percentile for both.  We are so blessed to have a healthy, happy baby!

Friday evening Bradley and I went to dinner with friends, something we never seem to do anymore.  Between his band gigs and Aniston, we just haven't had much extra time lately.  We had such a great time!  We need to make an effort to do that more often.

On Saturday we went to brunch with my mom's family.  My aunt Brenda, cousin Tobi, and her son Thomas were in town and we celebrated a late Christmas with them.  Aniston had lots of fun playing with her cousins, and I enjoyed catching up with family.  The only not-so-fun thing was when Aniston spit up on her cousin Thomas, who's five.  Poor Thomas!  He'd been begging his parents for a baby....I'm pretty sure the spit up put an end to that.  Aniston has an "I'm sorry" gift that we'll be putting in the mail soon as a peace offering!

We went to church on Sunday morning and then to Bradley's parents' house for lunch.  The rest of the day was spent playing and relaxing.  I love Sunday afternoons with our little family.  :)

Monday was Martin Luther King Day and I was off work.  Aniston and I cleaned out closets and did laundry pretty much all day, with lots of playing in between.  I love three day weekends.  If only there were more of them!

So, there you have it--last weekend's recap just in time for this weekend! Ha!

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