Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Weekend

Aniston is growing up way too fast.  Sometimes I miss the baby stage, but I love how much fun we're having right now.  This weekend has been wonderful. 

Yesterday we spent the morning playing.  Around lunchtime, Aniston went to Mamaw Sandy and Papaw Barry's while Bradley and I went shopping.  It's funny how we never shop for ourselves anymore.  :)  Even though she wasn't with us, she still managed to get more things than either of us.  We also picked up a few more things for her birthday party.  I can't believe it's only two weeks away!  After we got home, Bradley left for a gig and Aniston, my mom, and I went to Angela's to drop off tulle.  (Angela is really crafty and offered to make the tutu and cake for Aniston's cake smash pictures. :))  Aniston and Abigail were able to play for a little while.  They are so cute!

Time changed today, and I'm so excited!  I LOVE having extra daylight!  After staying up a little later than normal last night, having a mini playdate with Abigail, and the time change, Aniston slept until after ten this morning!  AMAZING!  I haven't slept late in months, and it was so nice!  We missed church, though, which was disappointing--I didn't set an alarm because Aniston works as my alarm every Sunday morning. 

This afternoon we went to a birthday party.  It was at a local park (the same park we'll host Aniston's first birthday party at in two weeks) and we had a great time!  Aniston loved watching the other kids play, and she had fun going down the slide (with Bradley's help).  After Aniston took a nap, Bradley ran some errands while Aniston and I played outside. 

Weekends like this--nice weather and long days--make me excited for summer.  :)

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