Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Challenge Day Four: Your Parents and Siblings

My family is wonderful.  We've always been close.  Growing up, my dad insisted we have supper together every night.  He wasn't much of one for traditions and routines, really, but that was one thing that was very important to him.  We would all sit around the table and talk about our day.  It kept us in touch with one another.  At times, especially as a teenager, it was a little frustrating and caused some eye-rolling.  If the phone rang, you usually didn't answer it.  If you did get to answer, you had to tell the caller that you would have to call them back later.  Looking back, though, it was a really great thing.  It gave Eric and me time to share, and it allowed Mama and Daddy time to listen and pick up on things that were going on in our lives.  It brought us closer together as a family.  I'm planning to do the same thing with Aniston, and I hope she'll appreciate it one day as much as I do now.

My mom is a giver.  She's always the first to volunteer to do something for someone, even if she has 632 other things going on.  She is definitely a people-pleaser, and wants to make sure that everyone is happy.  She is talkative, and she always says what's on her mind.  Mama is a free-spirit type, which has always addled my Type A personality a bit.  She will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  No topic is off-limits with her. 

My dad is pretty much the opposite of my mama, personality-wise.  He's not a huge fan of social situations.  He loves the outdoors.  Some of the best conversations I've ever had with him have been when we're fishing together.  (Although feeding the ducks out of the boat is a no-no.  Did you know that if you feed ducks, they'll follow you wherever you go?  It's true.)  I love watching my daddy with Aniston.
Eric is my younger brother.  Even though we're five years apart in age, we've always been close.  Unlike many brothers and sisters, we never really fought as we were growing up.  We always got along well, and we still do.  He's really grown up over the past several years, and it's neat to see.  He's funny and sweet, and I couldn't have asked for a better brother....even if he sometimes was a pest, especially when I started dating.  And even if most of my prom snapshots have him in the background making goofy faces.  Aww, memories.  :)

My family is such a blessing to me.  I can't imagine life without them.

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