Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 10: Something You're Afraid Of

I'm afraid of death.  Not my own, really, but the death of those I love.  I'm a Chrisitian, and I know that earthly goodbyes are only temporary.  I believe in Heaven, and I believe we'll see our loved ones again, but there are so many people I can't imagine life without. The thought of going through the rest of my earthly life without them is terrifying.

I'm twenty-eight years old, and all four of my grandparents are still living--two of them are in good health, and the other two are in fair health when you consider their ages.  I know I am extremely blessed.  The older they get, the more afraid I become of losing them.  I don't like to think about losing my parents, brother, or friends.  And I can't even fathom life without Bradley or Aniston.  I can cause myself to have a full-blown panic attack just thinking about it. 

I realize that death is a part of life.  It's just a part I'd rather not dwell on.

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