Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

Growing up and throughout college, I wasn't much of a TV watcher.  I had a couple of shows I liked to watch, but not many, and I didn't watch them every week.  After Bradley and I got married, we got a DVR and Netflix.  That ended the "I don't really watch TV" stage of my life.  The DVR could quite possibly be the best invention ever.  (Or worst, depending on the way you want to look at it. Ha!)  Netflix just encourages me to watch entire seasons of shows I've never been interested in before. 

My list of favorite TV shows is pretty long.  Don't judge.

1.  Criminal Minds
2.  NCIS
3.  NCIS: Los Angeles
4.  Army Wives
5.  Blue Bloods
6.  The Vampire Diaries
7.  How I Met Your Mother
8.  The Big Bang Theory
9.  Grey's Anatomy
10.  Private Practice
11.  Hawaii Five-0

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