Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dear Aniston

Dear Aniston,
Sweet girl, there are moments when you absolutely amaze me.  Last Saturday we shared one of those moments, and I am still in awe. 

You are so smart, and you're becoming more observant by the day.  You pick up on things quickly and your memory is like a steel trap.  You are able to remember so much!  It always surprises me when you remember exactly where you put a toy or how to play a game we've played in the past.  I love watching your mind work.  You also remember the steps in our daily routines.  One day last week you said "bow" for the first time.  You said it right after I helped you put on your outfit for the day, and you were right--after you get dressed, we always choose a bow for your hair.  We also have a routine before meals.  We get everything ready, place you in your high chair, and then we hold hands and one of us--usually your daddy--says the blessing. 

That night we had lots of things going on and dinner was a rush.  I'm so ashamed to admit that saying the blessing wasn't the first thing on my mind as we sat down to eat.  But it was the first thing on yours.  You made a noise to get my attention, and when I looked at you your little hand was outstretched.  I gave you my hand, and you immediately turned to your daddy and did the same thing.  You remembered

It was such a precious moment, and a reminder of the responsibilities we have as your parents.  We are responsible for teaching you about God and his love for you.  It's my responsibility to demonstrate daily for you what a Christian woman should be like.  I am not perfect by any means--I'm a sinner God has saved mercifully through His grace.  I will make mistakes and I will fail many, many times, but I promise to try my best every day.  I will teach you about Jesus.  I will pray for you and with you.  When you look at me, I want you to see a woman who loves God, her family, and others. I want you to see a woman who is kind.  I want to be a woman you respect and admire not because of anything I've accomplished or any material things I may have, but because of the way I've lived my life.  And one day, when you read Proverbs 31, maybe--just maybe--you'll think, "That's my mama."  A mother cannot hope for anything more than that.

Aniston, I say it all the time, but I am so thankful for you and I love you so very much.  You have taught me so much already, and you encourage me daily to strive to be a better person. You are such a blessing!


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