Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday Confessions

I confess...

1.  ...that this has been a crazy week!  (Which is why I'm posting Friday Confessions on Saturday. Ha!)

2.  ...I'm excited about the new school year, and I love the way my classroom came together!  Lots of money, lots of work, but definitely worth it. :) 

3.  ...I've gained two pounds this week from eating out every day for lunch.  Ridiculous.  But it was oh so good. 

4.  ...I'm okay with the two pounds because I know I'll be back to teacher lunches (i.e.: lean cuisines, sandwiches, cereal) next week.  There's nothing better for a diet than being forced to eat brought-from-home lunches.  Ha! :)

5.  ...I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift's latest song, and the local radio stations seem to be playing it constantly.  I've been really thankful for Pandora this week.  :)

6.  ...I accidentally shut Ethel up inside of the bottom of the recliner yesterday.  That happens a lot, and you would think she'd have learned by now not to crawl in there.  Ethel's just....Ethel.

7.  ...I was a little worried that when Emily and Brandon's baby, Clara, arrived, I'd have serious baby fever.  She was born yesterday evening, I held her for a long time last night, and nope! No baby fever here!  I love the sweetness of newborns, especially all the snuggling and holding, but I'm in no hurry to have another one of my own. :)  Meanwhile, Clara is precious and I will gladly snuggle her anytime!  She and Aniston are one day shy of being exactly seventeen months apart.  I'm looking forward to lots of playdates and fun as the two girls get older!

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