Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Confessions

I confess...

1.  ...I cancelled a hair appointment last week because I didn't have time to go.  It was the day before Open House and my classroom was still a wreck.  Huge mistake.  I should have made time.  My highlights are in desperate need of some help.  Y'all, it's bad.  Bad as in, I cringe every time I look in the mirror.  I rescheduled for the 5th, so there's light at the end of the's just a long tunnel of cringing.

2.  ...I call Ethel "The Ethel".  You know, like "The Donald" or something.  I'm not sure why exactly, I just always have.

3.  ...I love having conversations with seven-year-olds.  They're candid and funny and I'd rather talk to them than adults sometimes.

4. near family has advantages and disadvantages.  I knew this before we decided to build our house here, but was reminded of it again Wednesday night.  We were on the back porch and Aniston pitched a huge fit because I wouldn't let her play in the container of charcoal.  Out of nowhere, I hear Papaw yelling, "What are you doing to my baby? Why is she crying?"  Good grief.

5.  ...grandparents are crazy enough when it comes to grandchildren, but great-grandparents take crazy to a whole new level.  See #4.

6.  ...I was determined not to spend any money in the school cafeteria this year.  I was going to bring my lunch every. single. day. and never forget it.  That lasted until Wednesday.

7.  ...I got an invitation for my ten year high school reunion this week.  What?!  How can that be possible? 

8.  ...this week, I wore the pants I wore on my very first day of teaching.  (Did you follow that?)  In case you don't understand the importance, pants from seven years ago fit (!) again.  I made a colleague listen to me brag about this and I may have even gone as far as to show her that there was room around the waist.  (That's the confession part.)  Shameless and proud?  Why, yes, yes I am.  :)

9.  ...after doing lots of nothing this summer, the first week of school killed me.  I had a great first week, but I am T-I-R-E-D.  We're talking tired to the point that as soon as I post this, I'm going to bed.  9:30 on a Friday night? Absolutely.

10.  ...I love my job, I love my colleagues, and I love my new group of kiddies....but I am sooo glad it's Friday and a three day weekend!

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  1. good job on the pants!!! that's exciting! new follower from blonde ambition :)