Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Weekend

I have been working like crazy this weekend to get things ready for the classroom.  It seems like every three years or so, I'm ready for a new classroom theme and this is one of those years.  Back in June I started thinking ahead and decided on a zebra/bright colors theme and have been squirreling things away all summer.  I'm excited to see everything come together this week!  I haven't been much fun this weekend--I've been printing, cutting, laminating, and putting things together pretty much nonstop.  Bradley hasn't said a word about it, though--I think after six years, he's used to being alone the week before school starts.  :)

Tomorrow is the first teacher workday, and I dread, dread, DREAD being away from Aniston.  We've had such a fun summer, and I will miss her terribly!  We are blessed that Aniston is able to stay with either my dad or my grandparents while Bradley and I work.  It makes it so much easier to leave her knowing that she's being loved and cared for while we're away--not to mention spoiled rotten! 

Now, enough blogging--back to printing and cutting!  :)

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