Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pinterest-Inspired Projects: Classroom Edition

Oh, Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a black hole of time for me.  I get sucked in, and I can't manage to drag myself away from the laptop or iPhone.  I bounce from board to board, looking for brilliant ideas.  Or cute clothes.  Or yummy recipes.  Or great DIY projects that--let's face it--will probably never happen because I'm just not a DIY type of girl. 

The thing about Pinterest is that it can trick you into believing things about yourself that aren't exactly true.  Pinterest makes me feel like I could be a DIYer.  It makes me feel crafty (I don't really have the patience for crafts) and like I can cook (I can't--Kesha once gave me a cookbook titled How to Boil Water if that tells you anything).  Even though I know some things aren't going to be as easy as they look, I can't help pinning and trying anyway. :) 

There have been several Pinterest flops around here this summer (I'm not the only one--have you seen Pinterest Fail?), but some things turned out pretty well.  Here are a few things I've done for my classroom.

Project One

This is wreath is going on my classroom door.  I got the idea from this pin, but I used ribbon instead of fabric.  I may have caught it on fire while trying to seal the ends to make sure the ribbon didn't fray, but everything turned out okay. :) It took forever to tie all the ribbon on the wreath frame, but I like it and would definitely make another one.

Project Two

The idea for this came from here.  Mine is a much simpler version.

Project Three
Love this!  Here's the pin.

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