Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday was the first day of Bradley's vacation.  We met Angela and Abigail at Monkey Joe's for some bouncy fun.  It was Aniston's first time there, and she was a little skeptical of the noise and the bouncing.  She also wasn't much of a fan of other kids.  Bless her. :)  Abigail had a great time though!  She was all over the place!  Hopefully Aniston will enjoy it more next time.

After Monkey Joe's we had dessert before lunch (you can do that in the summer, right?) at Sweet Frog.  I'm pretty sure Aniston would like to have frozen yogurt every day...and maybe I would too. Haha!  Besides, you can't be that close to Sweet Frog and not go. 

Aniston fell asleep shortly after we started home.  Our sweet girl was tired!  We had a picnic-type lunch on the back porch and then spent most of the afternoon playing outside.  It was a perfect day, but we were all really tired last night!

I had a meeting this morning and then worked in my classroom for awhile.  This time of year is a little stressful, but also fun and exciting too.  There's so much to do at this point!  It will all come together--it always does.  I'm excited about a new year. 

Aniston had a well-check today.  I love our pediatrician.  Dr. H is wonderful, and is so good with Aniston.  She weighs 23lb 9.5oz (60th percentile) and is 32 inches tall (75th percentile).  This is the first time there's been a difference in height and weight percentiles.  Dr. H described her as "normal and tall".  Aniston better enjoy being called tall now because if she's anything like me, "tall" will not be a word used to describe her.  :)  She continues to meet all the developmental markers on time (or before) and she's healthy and strong.  I'm so thankful for that!  Of course, Aniston treated Dr. H as her own personal audience and kept him entertained.  :)

Tomorrow Aniston and I have a fun morning planned with Emily!

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