Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

Leslie isn't hosting a linky for Confessional Friday right now.  I realized this last week, but already had my post ready to go, so I posted it without having anywhere to link up to...which is no fun, because the linky is the fun part.

SO.  I'm participating in a new linky this week!  You'll still see the confessions sometime during the week (just because I think it's fun, and a quick way to post odds and ends), but on Fridays now you'll be reading Friday Letters! 

Dear Bradley, I love you more than words, and I love all your crazy quirks.  That being said, you and your quirks drive me crazy sometimes. :)

Dear Squirrel in the Road, You know I'll stop for you because I do it every single time.  I think it's because I feel a kinship with you--I'm indecisive, too, and so that makes us two of a kind.  Just because you can't make up your mind doesn't mean that you should be ran over.  However, if I am ever rear-ended because of you, I'm pretty sure my husband will never let me hear the end of it.

Dear Bus Driver,  Thank you, thank you, thank you for often stopping to let me pull out of my driveway before you.  Going 30mph down my road is not a fun way for me to start my morning, and I appreciate you realizing that.  You are a sweet, kind soul and I'm sure lots of treasures in heaven await you.

Dear Lucy, I understand that you are a puppy princess, but this tap-dancing in the middle of the night because you won't jump onto the bed if anyone is in it must go.  It's not fun, and it doesn't make me feel kindly toward you.

Dear Ethel, You sleep with your eyes open, and that's just weird.

Dear Aniston, You are the funniest little thing.  You are a constant source of joy and I love you so much!

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