Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday! :) I'm linking up with Ashley again this week for Friday Letters!

Dear Bradley, You scored major points on Tuesday when you picked up dinner.  You called, realized I was still at work (it was after 5 already), and made the decision to make life easier.  You have no idea how much little stuff like that means to me.

Dear Time, Please slow down.  Aniston will be 18 months old in four days.  How is that possible?! 

Dear Fall, As sad as I always am to see summer end, I'm excited to meet you tomorrow.  The pumpkin patch, the fair, cool weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving...lots of fun things are just ahead!

Dear Fantasy Football, How is it that you have such power over grown men?  Constant score checking, endless texting.  I think you're a bit ridiculous and I'm not a fan.  I'm especially not a fan when my sweet husband wakes me up to let me know that it was close, but his team won.  (That's a true story, friends.)

Dear (I-Swear-I-Saw-Something-Move) Thing in the Garage, Please be a figment of my imagination, not a mouse.  Or any other live thing.  (Except maybe a rabbit.  Did I ever tell you that we had a baby rabbit in our garage the first summer we lived here?  A baby rabbit would be okay.  I could deal with that.  Anything else? Definitely not okay.)

Dear Weekend, Please pass slowly. :) 

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