Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Weekend

We've had a wonderful, busy weekend!

On Saturday we went to an extended family reunion with my maternal grandmother's side.  It was great to catch up with people we haven't seen in a while, especially my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Richmond.  We don't get to see them nearly enough!  Thankfully, facebook allows us to keep in touch better now than we ever have before.  Aniston had fun playing with her cousins and learned to play Ring Around the Rosie.  Bradley and I have played Ring Around the Rosie countless times since then, and Aniston has also played by herself by wrapping her arms around her shoulders and spinning around.  It's really cute.  Of course, her favorite part is falling down!

Bradley filled in for a bass player in a band on Saturday night so Aniston and I were on our own.  After we had dinner with my parents, we went with my mom to Aunt Marie's to spend a little more time with everyone since Brenda and Bob were leaving today.  Aniston found a new best friend in Uncle Bob and Aunt Brenda piled up couch cushions so Aniston could slide.  Between all the watermelon Bob shared with her, sliding on the couch cushions, the huge box of toys Marie pulled out for her, and the way Howard always plays, Aniston was in heaven!  She was the only little one there, so of course she loved being the center of attention.

Today we missed church. :(  Aniston slept later than usual since we didn't get home until late last night.  We still had time to make it (barely) but she was in a foul mood (unusual for her, especially in the morning) and kept crying as I tried to get her ready.  So we just decided to stay home.  We had a relaxed morning here, then went out to lunch at a favorite barbecue place.  As we were leaving, the waiter offered Aniston a lollipop.  In typical Aniston fashion, she took two. ;)  The rest of our Sunday has been spent watching football, catching up on a few things around here, and pulling out some of our fall decorations. 

I hope y'all have had a wonderful weekend too!

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