Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Weekend: Fishing, Shopping, and the Fair

I'm always amazed at how quickly weekends pass!  It seems like I blinked and it was Monday again.  We had a great weekend, though....even if it didn't last nearly long enough!

My brother, Eric, is on the bass fishing team for UNC-Charlotte.  He joined the team shortly after he started college, and he has done really well.  This year he qualified for the FLW College Fishing Southeastern Regional Tournament (wow, that's a mouthful!) and it happened to be at a lake that was only an hour or so away from home.  The tournament started on Thursday.  Aniston and I went down with my parents on Friday afternoon to see him weigh in.  My grandparents were there too.  We had a great time!  Aniston loved playing at the lake and watching the ducks and geese. 

With Papaw

With Papa

Funny girl

With Uncle Eric

On Saturday morning Aniston stayed with Bradley's parents while we went out to breakfast and shopping.  We both love having Aniston with us (of course), but it was really nice to have a little just-the-two-of-us time.  Bradley filled in for a bass player in a band on Saturday night, so Aniston and I went to dinner with my mom. 
Aniston experienced the fair for the very first time on Sunday.  The animals were her favorite.  (Clearly, she needs a miniature horse.  Or donkey.  Or both.)  She had her first taste of cotton candy.  She smiled and giggled the whole time, and we all had so much fun. 

Playing at Mamaw and Papaw's on Sunday evening

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