Monday, October 8, 2012

Prayers for a Family

I logged in to Blogger this evening planning to write about our weekend, but then I checked my blog list. I saw the titles of several posts, and realized something terrible must have happened since I last logged in.

Julee lost her husband, Matt, over the weekend in a car accident.  Their daughter is less than a year old. 

I don't know Julee personally, but I follow her blog.  Through her posts, I feel like I know her.  That's what is so amazing about the blogging community.  It is made of people from all over the world who will, more than likely, never meet, but are still invested and intertwined in each others lives because of blogging.

My heart breaks for her.  I could not imagine losing Bradley, or Aniston growing up without her daddy.  The thought of it makes my stomach twist into knots.  Julee is caught in the middle of what must be every wife and mother's worst nightmare, and I can't imagine her sorrow. 

As Bradley, Aniston, and I had a regular, normal night at home--dinner, playing, Aniston's bedtime routine--I thought about how blessed I am.  How blessed we all are, if our loved ones are close and safe.  I'm too quick to complain sometimes.  My words are often too sharp.  I get caught up in the little things of day-to-day life and don't take time to enjoy the day.  I'm guilty of sometimes thinking there will be another chance, another opportunity, another day when, truthfully, there may not be.

Life is beautiful.  It passes quickly, and is sometimes much too short. I'm praying for Julee and Preslee, and I hope you'll add them to your prayer list too.

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  1. I don't know her in person either, but I've been following her blog for years... Breaks my heart. This is a loving post and I know she appreciates all the prayers.