Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Confessions

I confess....

--I'm blogging from Aniston's bathroom.  She's taking a bath and I'm using my time wisely. :)

--It is a constant struggle to keep the princess from drinking bath water and eating the bubbles.  Good grief.

--Speaking of the sweet princess, she's beginning to test boundaries.  All. the. time.

--I finished a lot of our Christmas shopping over the summer, but I haven't bought anything since then...other than stuff for Aniston.  Tomorrow has been declared a shop-til-it's-all-finished day.

--It stresses me out just a smidge that Christmas is so close.

--I've kicked the hand washing, Germ-Xing, and Clorox wiping up a notch this week.  All the yucky stuff going around makes me paranoid. 

--Bradley gave Aniston one of her Christmas gifts last Sunday.  Bless.  Santa needs a lesson in secret-keeping.

Friday Confessions are always upbeat and fun, but I can't end today's post without writing about the tragedy in Connecticut.  It's horrifying and heartbreaking.  When a colleague shared the news with me, I felt so sick.  Those teachers and students went to school today just like my students and I did, and, just like us, they expected a normal day.  As both a parent and a teacher, I just can't imagine.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Newtown.

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