Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Weekend

My Saturday plan of shop-til-the-list-is-finished didn't exactly work out.  Imagine that!  We left here around 8:30, went to breakfast (where the princess entertained everyone!), and then spent the rest of the day shopping...but we still aren't finished!!  Christmas Eve is one week from today, the shopping isn't finished, and NOTHING is wrapped!  Eeek!  It's going to be a busy week!  I'm SO excited about Christmas this year--Aniston is at such a fun age--so I'm not in the mood to panic about everything I have to do.  It will all get finished, and I'm going to enjoy the process! 

We had the best time shopping together, though.  Aniston was SO good! 

Church was great on Sunday.  Our pastor had a wonderful sermon.  On the way down the aisle to Children's Time, Aniston waved to everyone in the pews and said, "Hey!  Hey!"  She was so cute turning from her left to her right and waving.  She is such a joy! 

After church
Last night we went to Mi Pueblito's for dinner.  We've always liked it, but lately it's become our favorite Mexican restaurant because they have mild salsa--which our girl LOVES!  (Everywhere else just gives mild sauce if you ask for mild salsa.  Gross.)  Aniston and I shared a chicken chimichanga and she ate and ate and ate.  The waiters all made such a fuss over her (like they always do), and she loved the attention.  As we were leaving, they gave her a container of chips and salsa for her to take home.  So sweet of them!

It was a great weekend!  Now, one more week of work and then it's Christmas! 

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