Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Months!

Aniston's ten month birthday was Wednesday!

Weight: almost 20 pounds

Height: 27.5 inches

Clothing Size: 6-9 months

Diapers: Size 3

Feeding: Aniston drinks 20-24 ounces of formula every day. We've moved on to Stage 3 baby food and table food.  Most nights she eats what we eat for dinner.  She loves chicken, pasta, cheese, rice....honestly, we haven't found anything she doesn't like! 

Hair/Eyes: Aniston's eyes are blue. Her hair is light brown.  She has cute little curls at the bottom of her hair on both sides right below her ears. 

Sleep: Aniston is back to sleeping through the night most of the time--thank goodness!  She still wakes up sometimes but it's usually easy to get her back to sleep.  She goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 most of the time, and wakes up between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning. 

--She still loves to talk on the phone and watch the baby apps.
--Bath time is a favorite.  She usually pitches a fit when it's time to get out!
--The schnauzers
--A set of link rings Aunt Brenda gave her for Christmas--she usually takes one of the links to bed with her at night!  Not exactly what I had in mind for a lovey, but whatever works!
--Beating on things and making the most noise possible.
--Pushing things around on the floor--books, boxes, anything that will slide.

--She still hates having her diaper and clothes changed.
--Being contained in any way (the jumper, carseat, highchair, etc)

Fun Stuff:
--Aniston loves to entertain people.  She is an absolute ham, and loves being the center of attention!
--She still doesn't have any teeth.
--Her nine month well-check was this month (the scheduling is a little off, and has been from the beginning).  The pediatrician says she's perfect! 
--She's a really fast crawler now and pulls up all the time.  Walking is just around the corner!
--I started planning Aniston's first birthday party this week!  I can't believe it's time for that!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Baby? Maybe.

When I was pregnant with Aniston, I thought I would never take birth control pills again.  It took us three years to get pregnant, and I just didn't see the point.

At my six week check-up, my doctor asked if I wanted a prescription for birth control.  Without hesitation, I said yes. 

Now, there are two reasons I believe I said that.  1) I was in the thick of newborn-ness.  I wasn't sleeping, my baby wouldn't nurse, I was pumping around the clock, and it was all beginning to wear on me.  I was sure that I couldn't handle another pregnancy at that point.  2) Time has a way of making things fuzzy.  I knew that Aniston was a miracle, that Dr. W didn't believe I could conceive without IVF, and that it took one year of "trying" and two years of hard-core fertility treatments to get her.  However, that all grew fuzzy during pregnancy and I began to believe that I could have another baby whenever I wanted. 

In the fall I began to doubt my decision.  After all, what's the likelihood that I would get pregnant without any sort of medical intervention?  Slim to none.  Bradley said from the beginning just to let it go and see what happened. (Of course, I couldn't do that.  I need some sort of control.)  I began to think that maybe another baby was a good idea.  I loved being pregnant.  I loved feeling a little life inside of me, and the excitement and anticipation of it all.  I missed that feeling and didn't want to think of never having it again.  I would love for Aniston to have a brother or sister one day, and I know another child would bring even more joy to our family. 

Last week, I saw Dr. H about some lower abdominal pain I've been having.  It's not constant, but when it happens it's horrible.  He was concerned that I may have ovarian cysts and that the rupturing of the cysts was causing the pain.  Given the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and  the amount of fertility drugs I've taken it the past, it was definitely a possibility.  He scheduled a pelvic ultrasound for Thursday.

Long story short, there were no cysts and Dr. H doesn't know what is causing the pain.  The pain, however, took a backseat to what the ultrasound also revealed--my ovaries showed no signs of PCOS.  I couldn't believe it, and neither could Dr. H or the ultrasound tech.  No one is exactly sure what this means for the future.  There could be something else going on that keeps me from getting pregnant on my own or the PCOS could possibly show up again later. 

But it's possible that it means I may be able to have another baby.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Weekend's Recap

On Thursday afternoon, Bradley and I took Aniston for her nine month well check.  (No, I don't really consider Thursday afternoon "weekend", and, no, I didn't have the day off on Friday.  But I'm going to include it here just because 1) I don't want to write another post, and 2) there's not really that much to tell about it.  Now that I've cleared that up, we can go on.)  I absolutely love our pediatrician.  He is such a kind man, and he is so good with Aniston.  He's also quick to offer reassurance and answer all questions, even the crazy ones--two important qualities for this first time mama.  :)  He said Aniston was perfect.  She weighed 19lb 12oz and was 27.5 inches tall--60th percentile for both.  We are so blessed to have a healthy, happy baby!

Friday evening Bradley and I went to dinner with friends, something we never seem to do anymore.  Between his band gigs and Aniston, we just haven't had much extra time lately.  We had such a great time!  We need to make an effort to do that more often.

On Saturday we went to brunch with my mom's family.  My aunt Brenda, cousin Tobi, and her son Thomas were in town and we celebrated a late Christmas with them.  Aniston had lots of fun playing with her cousins, and I enjoyed catching up with family.  The only not-so-fun thing was when Aniston spit up on her cousin Thomas, who's five.  Poor Thomas!  He'd been begging his parents for a baby....I'm pretty sure the spit up put an end to that.  Aniston has an "I'm sorry" gift that we'll be putting in the mail soon as a peace offering!

We went to church on Sunday morning and then to Bradley's parents' house for lunch.  The rest of the day was spent playing and relaxing.  I love Sunday afternoons with our little family.  :)

Monday was Martin Luther King Day and I was off work.  Aniston and I cleaned out closets and did laundry pretty much all day, with lots of playing in between.  I love three day weekends.  If only there were more of them!

So, there you have it--last weekend's recap just in time for this weekend! Ha!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nine Months! (12/25)

Weight: 19 lbs.


Clothing Size:  3-6 months/6-9 months

Diapers:  Size 3

Feeding: Aniston drinks 20-24 ounces of formula every day.  She's eating all kinds of Stage 2 foods.  We've tried a little bit of table food, but not much.  I know it's crazy, but I'm so scared of giving her table food!  She's tried mashed potatoes and smushed steamed carrots and bananas.  We gave her puffs for the first time this month, and she loves them!  She is a fantastic eater and isn't picky at all (so far!).  We haven't found anything she doesn't like.  She even eats green beans now.  We've tried using a sippy cup with her a lot, but it hasn't gone very well.  She's still a little lazy and will only hold her bottle for herself if she's in a reclined position.

Hair/Eyes:  Aniston's eyes are blue.  Her hair is light brown with a reddish tint. Her hair is getting so thick and long--I'm constantly brushing it off her forehead and I'm able to tuck it behind her ears just a little bit.
Sleep:  Aniston has been going to bed earlier (between 7 and 7:30) and wakes up between 7:00 and 7:30.  She's been fighting sleep lately and bedtime has been horrible for most of the month.  She just cries and cries when she realizes we're trying to get her to go to sleep.  The last few days have been better.  We (finally) moved her to her crib on December 23.  Until then, she had been sleeping in the pack and play in our room.  (Please don't judge me for that--I know she should have been moved much sooner, but I just wasn't ready.) 

--Talking on the phone
--Fisher Price apps on the iPhone
--Moving around and exploring her surroundings

--She still hates having her diaper and clothes changed.
--Being contained in any way (the jumper, carseat, highchair, etc)

Fun Stuff:   
--We celebrated Aniston's first Christmas this month!
--Aniston started crawling shortly after her eight month birthday.  She is into everything!
--She pulls up on anything she can get her hands on--tables, chairs, people, the wall, even the schnauzers if they are standing still!
--She babbles all the time.  She's said "mama", "dada", and "bye-bye" so far.  She doesn't say words often--and definitely not when you want her to say them for someone. 
--She waves bye and has started waving hello in the past week.
--She is developing such a personality.  She's started pitching small fits lately (usually when we get her out of the tub, which is hilarious considering how much she hated baths just a few months ago!).  She'll kick her legs, wrinkle her face, and squeal. 
--Aniston rode in the car with someone other than me, Bradley, or her grandparents this month.  Kesha picked her up after work one day and she and Matt babysat while Bradley and I finished our Christmas shopping.
--Aniston smiles all the time and is a very happy baby!

Mommy's Point of View:  
Crawling has certainly changed things around here!  She is constantly in motion, and that means we have to be too!  We are quickly learning what needs to be baby-proofed in our house.  It is so much fun to watch her scoot across the floor.  I can't believe she's getting so big!  She keeps reaching milestone after milestone, and that's wonderful, but she's growing up too fast

Eight Months! (11/25)

Weight: around 18 pounds


Clothing Size:  3-6 months

Diapers:  Size 2 at the beginning of the month/Size 3 at the end

Feeding: Aniston is still a really good eater.  She's loving all the baby food--we've tried all kinds.  She's not a fan of green beans.  She's still drinking 20-24 ounces of formula every day.
Hair/Eyes:  Aniston's eyes are still blue.  Her hair is a light brown with a reddish tint. Her hair is really growing!

Sleep:  Aniston usually goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up between 7:00 and 7:30.  She's still a good sleeper and sleeps through the night most nights. 
--Talking on the phone
--Fisher Price apps on the iPhone

--She still hates having her diaper and clothes changed.

Fun Stuff:   
--We celebrated Aniston's first Thanksgiving this month!
--Aniston said "Mama" for the first time on Thanksgiving! 
--I think she's going to start crawling soon!  She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, but doesn't go anywhere yet.  She scoots backwards sometimes, but hasn't gone forward yet.

Mommy's Point of View:  
   November 30 will mark what would have been our first baby's second birthday.  I think about how painful the month of November was for us two years ago, and then I look at Aniston and marvel at how blessed we are today.  This November has been full of joy and laughter.  I am so thankful our house is filled with toys and sweet baby babbling!