Monday, January 7, 2013

Remember When...?

Life changes when you have a baby.

When I was pregnant, people said that all the time.  I wanted to roll my eyes.  Um, yeah, I realize that, I would think to myself.  I understood that I would sleep less, have more to do, and be responsible for this tiny human who had to rely completely on me for everything she needed. 

What I failed to understand was how a baby would change the little things in life. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, we went to dinner with friends over the weekend.  Aniston and their daughter, K, went with us, and the whole night was pretty comical.  K cried because she bit her own finger.  Aniston cried because she wanted "nummies".  The adults laughed a lot, because that's what you do when you're a parent--you laugh and you play the "remember when..." game.  Remember when you could go out to dinner and it was a peaceful experience?  Remember when you could eat dinner on the couch in front of the tv?  Remember when you could come home from work and read a book?  Or lay on the couch and watch tv?  Remember when you could clean your house once a week and it actually stayed clean?  And then there's the big question that always follows the remember when game--What did I do with all that free time?!  Ha!

There's not much time for relaxing anymore.  We don't watch tv until after Aniston's bedtime.  Going out to eat is certainly not easy...and sometimes not very enjoyable!  Our house never stays clean, even though it feels like I pick up toys constantly.  And free time?  What is that?! 

It makes me laugh to think about how much our life has changed since we had her.  Tonight--instead of watching tv or playing on the computer or doing anything else we used to do in our 'before Aniston' life--we sat on the floor in her playroom and played.  We played princesses and babies.  We watched her slide on her little slide and listened to her giggle.  She gave us huge hugs and kisses, and smiled the biggest smiles. 

And sitting there in that moment, when I could have cried because I was so happy, I played another "Remember when" game.  Remember when our house was too quiet?  Remember when it was neat and tidy because we had no need for toys?  Remember when we thought the life we're living right now might not be possible? 

I'll take a not-so-peaceful dinner, a toy-cluttered house, and no free time any day.  :)

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