Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Confessions's been awhile.  Somehow, this little blog always gets put on the back burner when life gets hectic.  But I'm back--for today at least (ha!)--and I'm confessing.  Shall we?

1.  I am in love with daylight savings time.  Love. Love. Love.

2.  As much as I love daylight savings time, I do not love what it's done to the princess' sleep schedule.  Mercy, it's been a week!

3.  Speaking of the princess, she'll be two in a little over a week.  What?!

4.  We're in full birthday party planning mode around here.  Lots of pink and lots of Minnie Mouse.  :)

5.  I'm so excited about warmer weather.  This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!

6.  Gorgeous weekend or not, we've got a to-do list a mile long.  Oh well.  At least it will be pretty while we're cleaning and organizing the garage. :)

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

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