Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Simple, Magical Thursday

Bradley had band practice tonight, so the princess and I were on our own.  This afternoon, I decided tonight was just going to be about her.  She's growing up so quickly, and I just wanted to be with her and share some quality one-on-one, mommy-daughter time.

We had a picnic of pizza and breadsticks (one of her favorite meals) on the living room floor.  I'm pretty sure that made her day--she thought it was so funny that we were eating on the floor!  After dinner, I asked what she wanted to do and (of course) she replied, "Play!" (Which sounds more like "pway" and is one of the cutest words she says.) 

And so, we played.  We played with toys.  We played babies.  We played outside (she insisted on wearing a tutu) and I showed her the wonder of sidewalk chalk.  (By the way, she does not understand the idea of chalk on the driveway--as I was showing her how to draw with it, she just watched and then said, "Clean, clean, clean!"  It bothered her so much that I just left the pictures there and didn't clean them up!  Ha!)  She ran, drove the Cozy Coupe, played with the schnauzers, and laughed.  Oh, how she laughed tonight!

When we finally came back inside, it was almost bedtime.  We went through the regular bedtime routine, but tonight I didn't rush her.  She always wants to crawl to the bathroom to brush her teeth (I have no idea why--she never crawls otherwise), and usually I'm fussing at her to get up and hurry--but tonight I didn't.  I let her move at her own pace.  I blew raspberries on her tummy as I changed her into her pajamas and listened to her giggle.  I let her pick her bedtime story--and even though it took forever for her to make a decision (she's definitely her mama's girl!)--I didn't get impatient.   We read the book she chose--it was about the Disney princesses--and then we talked about her day and said our bedtime prayers.  She always squeezes her eyes shut so tight, but then peeks after awhile to see if I'm looking at her.  I took time to appreciate that.  Sitting beside her bed, my heart was just so full.  She is such an amazing little girl, and I'm just in awe at how blessed I am to be her mommy. 

I'm so thankful for this simple, magical Thursday with my sweet princess. 

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