Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Trip

Last Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from Kesha asking what my plans were for the week...and by 11:30 Wednesday night, Aniston and I were at the beach. :) 

The A's have been my second family for years now, and it's always nice to spend time with them and catch up.  Our catch up time always seems to revolve around the beach or Clemson football games, and it's always so fun.

We spent all day Thursday on the beach.  She splashed her feet in the ocean (barely; she wasn't really a fan) and played in the sand some, but mostly just wanted to sit in her chair and eat snacks while she watched all the people.  The girl ate constantly while we were there.  I think we heard her say, "Aniston so hungry!" a thousand times last week!  (I'm loving the talking-in-third-person stage, by the way.  It's so stinkin' cute!)

I just can't get over how big she looks in this picture.  Our baby isn't a baby anymore!

Brandon, Emily, and Clara came to spend the day with us on Friday.  Aniston and Clara had fun playing in the sand, Emily and I sat and talked with Kesha and Amanda...and Brandon spent his time getting buckets of water for the girls (that were knocked over almost immediately every time) and feeding them snacks.  We ate dinner together that night and watched the girls play.  Our beach time has definitely changed, but it's still so much fun when we're all together.  Sometimes when I sit back and watch all of us and our babies, I'm just amazed.  I'm so thankful for this group of friends.

We spent the day on the beach again on Saturday, despite some rain in the morning.  Sheila used that time under the tent to work with Aniston and--after three summers and countless football games--Aniston finally said, "Go Tigers!" :)  We had a picnic lunch and the weather improved.  It was so nice for awhile...and then the wind started blowing.  Aniston was napping on a lounge chair, so Kesha and I fashioned a screen out of towels, another chair, and the rolling cooler handle to keep sand from blowing on her.  Everything was fine until the tent started to blow away.  Sheila, Kesha, and I jumped up to grab it, and while we were taking it down, Aniston's chair tipped over.  Bless her, she woke up and looked around for a second, then went right back to sleep--tipped chair and all!  (Of course, before I could fix the problem I had to get a picture.)

We came home yesterday, and Aniston woke up today talking about going to the beach again.  She's definitely her mama's child!

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