Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midweek Randoms

-Aniston missed dance yesterday because we've reached the point in the summer where I no longer know what day it is.  Want to know when I realized she missed dance?  THIS MORNING when I went to put an appointment in my iPhone calendar.  What's really awful is I sat there for a minute convinced something screwy had happened to my phone because the day of the week was wrong. 

-Bradley booked a trip for our anniversary and I am SO excited.  We haven't been anywhere just the two of us since Aniston was born.  It's only for two nights (we couldn't stand the thought of leaving Aniston more than that), but still. 

-We started painting our interior doors before Aniston and I left for the beach.  It's time consuming and I've lost interest...which is kind of bad because several doors are off their hinges, and we really need those doors.  Turns out, you use doors more than you think you do.

-My child may never ride a tricycle correctly.  It's beginning to be a concern. 


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