Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy, Busy

Y'all.  Summer is over and life is all sorts of busy. There's barely time for breathing right now, much less blogging.  Between me going back to work, B's  classes and band gigs in the evenings,  Aniston, and life in general, there's not a minute to spare around here. In fact, the only reason I have time to blog now is because I'm at Aniston's first fall dance class--which, by the way, isn't going so great right now. She has told her teacher "no" at least 15 times (I'd like to say that's an exaggeration but I'm afraid it's probably a really conservative estimate) and is currently refusing to do anything. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the waiting area blogging, cringing, and pretending like I'm completely unaware that my kid is the only one just standing there. It's a good time.

Bless that child. And her dance teacher.

In other news,  teacher workdays started last Monday, and the first day of school was today. I've been working like crazy to get my classroom ready and plan lessons for my new group of sweet second graders. B and I spent yesterday afternoon at school putting the finishing touches on my room and doing a few last minute things to make today a little easier. Have I mentioned how great he is? I'm so thankful for a husband who doesn't complain when I ask for help in my classroom (even on a Sunday afternoon), rarely mentions how much I spend on said classroom, and doesn't mind (too much) the printing, laminating, and cutting station that always ends up on the dining room table this time of year.  I'm a lucky girl for sure. :)   

After all that preparation and planning, I'm happy to say today went really well. I had a fabulous first day of school, and I'm looking forward to a great year!

Now, if only we could master these shuffle steps.  ;)

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