Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Confessions

Dear Friday,

My confessions this week are for you. 

I have to be honest--I haven't cared much about you this summer.  You were just another day, really.  I didn't look forward to you.  I didn't spend my week waiting for you and wishing you would hurry.  It was summer break, and you didn't matter.  Every day seemed like the weekend and so you lost your luster.  You just didn't seem as special as you once did.  As time went by, summer made me careless with you.  I didn't appreciate you for who you are and--shamefully--I forgot what you mean to me. 

I'm sorry, Friday.  I know this is all hard to hear. 

You can rest assured, though--we'll be back to our regular relationship next week. 


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