Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lake Chatuge, the Cabbage Patch, and a Loooong Drive Home

My parents, Chelsea, Aniston, and I made it to Hiawassee, GA and gorgeous Lake Chatuge just before the weigh-in on Thursday afternoon.  (B had band stuff, so he didn't go until Saturday.) 

We stayed in a house near the lake, and the view was gorgeous.  I couldn't get over it.

After day one, Eric and Shane were in 29th place. There were 64 teams, so 29th wasn't too terrible, but they weren't very happy.

They did much better on Friday. Their combined weight from the two days landed them in 13th place. The guys had hoped to place in the top five, so they were pretty disappointed. Still, it was a great accomplishment to make it that far, and they have lots to be proud of! (That's my big-sister-'the glass is half full'-speech, in case you're wondering.)

Instead of going home after the tournament, Eric checked out of his hotel and came to stay with us. There's nothing like a little family vacation time to make you forget your troubles, you know.  Ha! ;)

Hiawassee is about fifty minutes north of Cleveland, GA--home of Babyland General Hospital, where Cabbage Patch Kids are born.  Chelsea and I decided it would be fun to take Aniston on Saturday, and, as a sign of just how much he loves Aniston, Eric went too.

These huge cabbages were everywhere.  We tried to get Eric to sit in one.  He wouldn't.  I have no idea why.

After we were welcomed by the nursing staff (not kidding) at the front desk, we took pictures in the giant fluffy cabbage inside. 

Eric did participate in this because who wouldn't want to sit in a giant fluffy cabbage? 
Aniston loved all the babies. There were rooms and rooms of Cabbage Patch dolls on display, and she was in baby doll heaven. 
After wandering through the different nurseries, we made our way to the center room, and there she was. 
Mother Cabbage. 
She was surrounded by babies in--you guessed it!--cabbages.  Some of them moved. 

At this point, Eric started muttering something about the place being creepy.  'Ridiculous' may have also been thrown in there.

 We were lucky enough to be there when Mother Cabbage gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Dr. Cody (again--not kidding) delivered the baby, after performing a sonogram, giving Mother Cabbage a shot of imagicillin, and getting the crowd to coach her through breathing exercises and yell, "Push!".  (Every bit of what I just described really happened.  There are no exaggerations here, because, y'all, I can't make that stuff up.)

Eric videoed the birth so we could show B later.  It was one of those "you have to see it to believe it" things.  Words do not do this justice.  At all. 
The three of us laughed a lot, and Aniston had a great time.  She picked out a baby and a shirt, and talked the whole afternoon about being "so happy!" 

It was definitely an experience. 

B arrived, we all had dinner together, Aniston went to bed, and the rest of us got in the jacuzzi or sat nearby on the porch.  Eric turned the temperature too high, I got 671 bug bites (not really, but it seems like it now), and we spent the night laughing and talking. 
We came home today.  Aniston cried and fussed constantly about being in her car seat.  The drive was only a little over three hours, but I swear it felt like twelve.  I've never been so thankful to see our house or get out of the car.
Home sweet home...

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