Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday Confessions....

...on Saturday...because that's just how life is.  But Better late than never! is practically my personal motto, so let's confess, shall we? :)

-I stayed up until after 3am last night addressing Kesha's wedding invitations and watching Top Gun.  I'm not sure why I chose Top Gun, but, really, what decisions made at 3am can be explained?

-Kesha also sent me a text last night that said, "You got a minute to talk?"  The conversation lasted for, oh, two and a  half hours.  After I got off the phone, the text was still on my screen.  I considered calling back to point out the irony, but thought my phone might melt.  Ha!  (Love you, K!)

-Aniston is on a Peter Rabbit kick that will.not.end. 

-B is concerned about Peter Rabbit's morality and the things he's teaching our daughter.  Like stealing.  And trickery.  However, when given the choice between Peter Rabbit and Barney (who sings about saying please and thank you and treating people kindly), B will choose Peter Rabbit every time.  Questionable morals or not, Peter will not make you lose your mind as fast as Barney will.

-I broke out the fall decorations last weekend and it made me so happy!  I love summer, but it's time to let it go.  Not to mention I've managed to successfully kill all the ferns on our front porch, so we might as well move on to mums. 

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