Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lazy 5

On Sunday we went to Lazy 5 Ranch with Brooke, Reid, and Kennedy.  We had so much fun!!  Aniston was SO excited to be there, and the weather was gorgeous.

We went on a wagon ride through the park.  (Side note--I have NO idea why people choose to drive their cars instead of take the wagon.  Sure, it's cheaper, but when you consider a little extra money versus a yak poking it's head in your car window--there's just no contest.)  I was in charge of taking pictures since, a) I'm not a huge fan of feeding slobbery animals, and b) even if B doesn't want to admit it, he gets a little nervous when I'm the one holding Aniston on a moving wagon with huge animals around.  I have no idea why. ;)

Every fall Lazy 5 has a fall festival with lots of pumpkins, a hay castle, huge play areas filled with corn kernels, and a pumpkin slingshot.  B and Reid did the slingshot last year, and, of course, wanted to do it again.  (That may have been the only reason they agreed to go back to Lazy 5.  Ha!)  Both of them managed to knock the pumpkin off the hay bale, so they won prizes--tickets for a family trip to Lazy 5!

It was a perfect day!

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