Thursday, October 3, 2013

The County Fair

On Monday evening, B and I took the princess to the fair.  When I told her we were going she said, "Oh boy!" (even though there's no way she knew/remembered what the fair was), and she kept up that level of excitement all. night. long.  She wanted to see the animals right away, so that's where we headed first.  She loved looking at the pigs, "sheeps", and horses.

She was fascinated by all the rides, and said, "Ride that!" every time we walked by one. 

At this point, I should mention that B is not a fan of the fair at all.  He doesn't really care for eating at the fair (what?!) and didn't let Aniston touch a single thing outside of her stroller last year.  (He may be a smidge on the overprotective side.)  He's not convinced the rides are safe, or that the people running them know what they're doing. 

But he's wrapped around Aniston's finger, and when she begged to ride a few rides, that's what we did. ;) 

She wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but when we got close to it, she declared it was "too tall!" and refused.  So she and I rode the carousel, and then B rode the tea cups with her.  (Because only one parent can ride, you know--the other has to be taking pictures and videotaping. Ha!) 

I'm almost certain I've never loved B more than I did on Monday night.  It was just a perfect night with our little family, and watching him with Aniston was enough to make me want to cry.  (Of course, I didn't because that would have meant crying beside the tea cup ride at the fair, and that's a little strange.  I was already videoing and waving like a lunatic.  No need in attracting any more attention to myself than that.)  

Sometimes it's the little things that make you realized how blessed you are.

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