Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Night

My Saturday night has consisted of updating all the apps on my phone and going through emails. Exciting, right? 

I'm the worst email checker ever, and I think I'm on every store's email list.  I could unsubscribe, but they send coupons.  And who doesn't like a coupon?  So, since B isn't here--he's gone to see a band play--and I wasn't doing anything, I decided it was time to deal with that ridiculous inbox.

I also spent about an hour of my Saturday night being a referee between Aniston and the schnauzers.  This is exactly why I'm not sure B and I could handle more than one child.  I nearly lost my mind, and two of the ones involved couldn't talk.  The one who can talk tattled constantly--the schnauzers stepped on her puzzle, they wouldn't leave her alone, Lucy ran off with a one point, she even went as far as to take a break from singing 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' to yell, "Lucy won't row!"


Lucy puts up with a ridiculous amount of stuff.

Who can blame her if she drew the line at rowing?

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