Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Steam Mops, Vacuums, and Labrador Retrievers

I would like to blog every day.  Or at least every other day.  But let's face it: That's probably not going to happen until June.  Or July.

Or never. 


It's just too hectic.  Not to mention that, by the time Aniston goes to sleep, I'm too tired to even put together two coherent thoughts much less a blog post with an actual purpose.

Which leads me to this post that has no point whatsoever. 

It's a four day week because of Veteran's Day, which is great, but weeks like this always throw me off.  I never know what day it is.

I meant to blog about our weekend, but never got around to it--probably because it's a four day week and it's already Wednesday.  I didn't really realize that until I got to work this morning and the second graders announced (many, many times) that it was "Hump DAAAAY!"  (Thank you, Geico, for creating the commercial that just keeps on giving. Haha!)

Anyway.  Our weekend was low-key and we got a ton of stuff done around the house.  The highlight of my weekend was buying this guy.  I've wanted him for years.  We're a match made in heaven.

While I was at it, I bought this, too.

See that ad?  It's not lying.  I'm amazed by this thing.  I can't believe how well it works.  Maybe I should be a little embarrassed about my excitement over a new steam mop and vacuum, but I'm just too giddy about my clean floors to care.  I've been vacuuming constantly.  Hardwood floors, tile floors, rugs, carpet, ceiling fans...I'm a vacuuming fool, I tell you. 

Except for today.  Today I'm not vacuuming anything because I sprained my wrist wrestling an eighty pound Labrador retriever back into her fence.  Turns out, she's stronger than I am and nearly as stubborn.  I may have sacrificed my wrist, but I won, and felt pretty smug about it. 

I should probably be embarrassed about that, too, but I'm not because, clearly, I'm superior.  

And it only took, like, five doggy treats to get her back into the fence and prove that.  ;)

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