Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Big Week: First Snow and First Haircut!

It's been a pretty big week around here....and it's only Tuesday!  Aniston has experienced two "firsts" in the last few days--her first snow AND her first haircut! 

It snowed on Saturday.  This may not be a big deal where you're from, but here in the south, snow is major.  We didn't have ANY snow last year (huge waste of a baby snowsuit, by the way) and hadn't had any this year until Saturday.  It didn't really cover the ground, and it didn't last long at all (less than a day), but it was pretty while it was falling and it gave the princess an opportunity to play.  We bundled her up and let her experience snow for the first time!

 Aniston liked the snow, but said, "Eww!" any time it stuck to her gloves.
We made tiny snowmen. (I told you there wasn't much snow, remember?) Aniston had fun petting them and then carried one of them around like a baby! Too cute!

 Papa and Papaw were so excited to pull Aniston in a sled....even if there was only a little snow on the ground.  Bless them.
It was a fun day, and I'm glad we were able to get a little use out of this year's snowsuit! :)

Today was another exciting day--Aniston had her first hair appointment this afternoon!  She did so well!  I was really impressed...and relieved!  Ha!  We had made an effort to really talk it up over the last few days, so she knew what to expect and was excited.  We had to wait for a few minutes for Cari to finish with another client.  It was hard to keep Aniston still because she was READY!  When she was finished, Aniston made a beeline for her.  She let Cari pick her up and put her in the chair without any fuss, and was great through the entire cut.  Toward the end, she got a little restless and had to be bribed with nummies (fruit snacks), but I could handle that.  After she finished, she gave Cari a big hug and kiss, so I would say the appointment was a success! 

Walking in
Getting started!
In the middle...distracted by a clip.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Confessions

Oh, Friday.  I just love Fridays.  And confessions.  So....here we go! :)

--I haven't been a good blogger.  Life is just crazy busy.  I need to find some me time.  I was doing so well with that at the beginning of January, but I've slowly fallen back into my old habits.  Sigh.

--Speaking of January, I've lost interest in the Project 365 thing.  Is anyone surprised by that?

--The princess pooped in the tub this week.  I nearly died.  D-I-E-D.  No one tells you about this stuff before you have a baby.  Apparently, it's pretty common.  Who knew?  Ah, parenthood.  Never a dull moment, I tell you.

--Since Christmas, we've gone back to budgeting hardcore.  Last month we did pretty well, and we're doing great so far this month.  Yay, us!

--For the record, though, I hate budgets.  I wish we had an endless supply of money and I could buy whatever, whenever but that's just not real life.  I make myself feel better by thinking that it's probably not real life for lots of other people, too.  (And if it does happen to be real life for you, I'd rather not hear about it. Just keep it to yourself, k? Ha! :)) 

--Today Bradley realized I left a garden hose connected to the faucet near the front porch, and at some point the pipe froze and burst.  Oops.  Guess we can add that to the project list.

--I'm so over winter.  If it's not going to snow, I'm ready for spring.  I'm tired of being cold.

--Will.i.am's "Scream and Shout" has been stuck in my head all week, thanks to it playing on the radio every. single. morning. on my way to work. 

--I shouldn't complain about Will.i.am.  It's better than Barney, which is what I'm listening to while I'm writing this. 

--Speaking of Will.i.am and kids' shows, have you seen this video?  Aniston thinks it's fabulous.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Nail Edition

I love having my nails done.  Love, love, love.  What I don't love is how expensive it can be month after month and how much time I spend at the salon. 

When I paint my nails on my own, I end up messing them up right away--I bump against something before they're completely dry, or manage to chip them in just a few hours. 

It's a delimma.

Enter Sensationail, an at-home gel kit. 

I admit, I was super skeptical at first.  I first learned about Sensationail on a blog when a girl raved about the results.  I read all sorts of reviews after that, and lots of people were satisfied with it, so I decided to give it a try.

The verdict?  I'm sold.

The kit came with everything needed for ten manicures and was around $50.  It only took about twenty minutes and was really easy to do. My favorite part?  As soon as the polish cured under the light it was dry.  Completely, totally, there's-no-way-you-can-scuff-this dry.

 I've used the kit three times now, and can't complain much about it.  The polish ususally lasts for about a week and a half or so without chipping...not quite the two weeks the box boasts, but much longer than regular polish.  Removal has been pretty easy, too. 

Considering salon prices, I consider that $50 well spent.  :)

**This post contains my opinions only.  I have in no way been compensated by the manufacturer.