Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

In case you don't know, I live in North Carolina.  Home of hot, humid summers and mild winters. 

Until now.  And, now, it is cold.  Frigid.  Like, single digit temperatures this morning. It's never that cold here. 

I know there are places in the US much, much colder than that.  I also know that if you live in one of those places, you're probably rolling your eyes at me right now. 

But you see, I'm not really a cold weather kind of girl.  (I'm not really a hot weather kind of girl either, for that matter.  I'm happiest in the 73 to 75 degree range, thanks.)  As soon as Christmas is over, I'm finished with winter--especially if it's not going to snow.  Cold weather without snow is pointless, and I'm not a fan. 

Also, cold weather makes me want to hibernate.  If it's cold outside, I can't do anything productive at all--even inside.  Case in point, I came home from work today and immediately changed into my fleece pajama pants.  And we all know you can't get anything done in fleece pants. 

While I was sitting and doing nothing, I checked my email and saw I had one from one of my favorite stores.  It was announcing their new spring styles.  Seriously?  I deleted it right away because I just can't deal with that kind of mockery and false hope right now.  


Now I'm off to dream of flip flops and the beach while I search for another pair of ear gripper thingies because I managed to break mine during car duty this afternoon. I still can't figure out exactly how that happened. 

Stay warm, y'all!

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