Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Confessions

A while back, I found a random box of thank you notes in a closet.  I thought it was a little odd because they weren't with the rest of my cards, but didn't bother opening it.  Well, I opened the box on Monday to write notes to my students for Christmas gifts....and it was full of written, addressed, and stamped thank you cards....for baby shower gifts.  Y'all, my baby is almost three!!  I died.  I am so, so mortified that I never sent those. 

Ethel got her head stuck in a box of Cheez-Its this week.  I confess that Ethel is the reason I'm not sure if we should have a second child.  My fear is that the baby could be like Ethel, the second schnauzer--full of questionable decisions and just not exactly right.

It was raining when I got to work today.  I had too much stuff in my hands getting out of the car, and ended up dropping my umbrella, which resulted in damp hair.  The fact that I would save my coffee before my umbrella should tell you something about my life right now.

I am determined to go shopping tomorrow--for myself.  I am not going to buy one.single.thing for anyone else.  I refuse to be sidetracked by cute clothes for Aniston.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time last night looking at stuff for Aniston's birthday the end of March.  It's never too early to start planning, right?

I confess that I am thisclose to buying a Naked Palette.  I've wanted one forever, and it just might be time.

Happy Friday!

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