Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We're Ready for Snow!

A big winter storm is headed our way tomorrow.  I've been checking the forecast pretty much constantly for days now. 

When I saw this yesterday, I knew we were in trouble:


We're in the three loaf category, y'all.  It doesn't get much more serious than that.

Over the weekend (even before I knew we were in the three loaf category. ha!), I knew some preparing had to happen.  By "preparing", I mean adding a lot of snow day food (i.e., junk) to our regular grocery list.

I wasn't super prepared for the last snow day.  I just didn't really think it was going to happen, and I didn't have an adequate amount of snow day food on hand.  While the rest of the world was posting yummy stuff on facebook, we were eating the regular stuff. 

Let me tell you, nothing is more depressing than eating regular stuff on a snow day.

I was determined that would not happen to us again.  On Sunday, we did our grocery shopping with the forecast in mind, and I was satisfied with the state of our cabinets/fridge.

...Then I watched every newscast possible last night, and they were forecasting ridiculous amounts of snow (as in, more than an inch), and I panicked.  I laid in bed for hours, unable to sleep, thinking about important things like if we had enough tortilla chips for taco soup and buffalo chicken dip.  It was 1am and I was strategizing how to make another trip to Target before it snowed.

Luckily, today's snow (that has nothing to do with tomorrow's system) didn't show up and I was able to text B a list of really random things to pick up after work.  (I have a plan for all those really random things, by the way.  You just wouldn't know it by looking at the list.)

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best husband ever?  Because I do.  I sent him into the crazy mess that is a grocery store the day before a snowstorm, and he didn't bat an eye.  I didn't hear a single complaint, nor did I receive a phone call doubting my random list.

That, my friends, is trust in its purest form.

The only problem with B doing the shopping is the fact that he has ADHD.  Attention to detail is not one of his strong points.  (Bless him.)  So when he got home tonight and I was helping him put away the groceries, I pulled out a can of diced tomatoes (on the list)....and a can of stewed tomatoes (not on the list).  Stuff like that happens all the time, but usually it's more drastic than a different form of tomatoes.  I just have to laugh at this point.  We have a cabinet full of things we never needed but he accidentally bought.

We are ready (plus a can of stewed tomatoes) for snow.  We can handle days of being snowed in, and we'll have lots of yummy food just like the rest of facebook. 

Unless we lose power.  Then all bets are off.

(I'm not even going to let myself think about the possibility of losing power right now.  I'm too busy basking in the glow of my preparedness to deal with a downer like that.)

Exciting times are ahead, friends! 

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