Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Confessions

If there has ever been a week worthy of confessing, it's this one.  Mercy, I'm glad it's over and can only hope next week is better!

1. During Christmas, our Elf on the Shelf was the most unimaginative elf in the history of the North Pole.  If he flew back to the North Pole, and that was a big if, he always turned up the next day in another not-so-interesting place. He didn't do anything fun or exciting.  On Christmas morning, I realized he was still stuck in the tree and quickly grabbed him and threw him in the medicine cabinet. I forgot about the elf until this week when I opened the cabinet. Aniston happened to be standing behind me and yelled, "Roley Poley! Is that Roley Poley?!"  Oops.

2.  Everything that comes into our house that can be named (new stuffed animals, her rocking horse from Christmas, etc.) is given the name Roley Poley.  I have no clue why.

3.  This week has been a ridiculous mess. We need a do-over on March. The first seven days haven't been the best.

4.  For a couple of months now, Aniston has asked for a Tinkerbell birthday party.  This morning, she randomly told me that she didn't want a Tinkerbell party anymore, she wanted a mermaid party instead.  Uh, no.  Sorry, chick, but we're too far in to switch now. 

5.  I considered giving up complaining for Lent, but thought better of it.  (You're welcome, B.)

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